About Us

When it comes to "about us" most dive centers will paint the very best of them to you. In our case, we will be as honest as possible.


Aquaterra was formerly known as "Innerspace Scuba" and it has been around for 6-7 years (more or less). at some point, the name was changed from Innerspace to Aquaterra so was the owner, Peter to owners, Andy and Chee Wai.
After 2 years of operation, Andy and Chee Wai completed their university education and decided to move on with their lives. At that time, Aquaterra has a customer based of about 700ish.

In 2004 Gill Divers was looking for opportunity to expand, and took over Aquaterra on the same year.


Now, Gill Divers and Aquaterra have about 30 instructors and dive masters, but frankly, only handful are selected to work with us. some feel offended after they were certified but not selected to operate dive trips but the instructors, dive masters and all the staffs are the single most important element that provide quality scuba education and safe dives, therefore to be strict on selection is very crucial.

Without saying, safety is definitely, the most important thing to us, as a matter of fact it should be for every dive center (effort and investment, not only lips service). We are not perfect and we are not the best but in honest truth, we have never stop trying to be.


In our opinion, the hard fact which many divers tend to deny and overlook, and many singapore dive centers were too afraid to mention is safety and quality must surely come with a price.