is a Consulting Company which is focussed on telecommunications. Primarily in the domains of Network Towers, Fiber optic cable as well as submarine cables.

Aquaterra, inspired by the harmony of land and sea, embodies the richness of nature. Founded by a team with over 27 years of telecommunications expertise, Aquaterra Consulting is committed to assisting the telecom ecosystem in delivering optimal value for consumers and investors alike. Specializing in Telecommunications, our boutique consultancy excels in M&A Advisory, Strategy Development, and the optimization of both Commercial and Technical operations. We conduct comprehensive quantitative analyses of companies and opportunities within the Digital Infrastructure and Technology sectors. Our primary clientele comprises Telecom Operators, Private Equity Investors, Debt Providers, and Corporate Financial Advisors.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals in business, engineering, and finance, with extensive backgrounds in key leadership positions within major global telecommunications companies, manufacturers, and systems houses. They bring a wealth of experience in commercial, technical, financial, and operational roles, often overseeing Profit and Loss responsibilities at the Divisional GM/Executive VP level. We prioritize hiring experienced professionals rather than recruiting directly from business schools, ensuring a team equipped with industry expertise and a track record of success.

Our expertise enables us to provide profound insights into intricate transactions and competitive evaluation/enhancement tasks. This enables us to offer a distinctive approach that covers the spectrum from financial, operational, and commercial performance to in-depth technical analysis.

About Us

Apart from being from the Telco industry

we also have Financial experts who come with a PhD in understanding financial models as well as have excellent grasp of the complexity to deal with large data set which needs to be processed and analysed to create the right outcomes for out customers.

We are industry experts with founders experience of more than 27 years in Asia Pac. Having worked in multiple Telco operators - have experienced first hand the challenge of CapEx and OpEx maximisation. Having led the entire merger between some of the largest networks in Asia Pac - we have an excellent understand of what makes a successful merger and (more importantly) what not to do.

With a blend of industry expertise as well as financial industry expertise we are able to tailor unique solutions, both with an Inside Out perspective as well as an Outside-In perspective enabling the opening of numerous options to our customers.

Our Services

Our profession business Services.

Tower locations

We help both tower companies as well as Telco operators choose the right towers to maximise co-location as get the highest possible revenues and customers. Using a mix of traditional network planning with enhanced AI and automation methodologies developed in-house, we provide the best value per site for the community at large.

Fiber Optic Consulting

We provide a complete host of solution to maximise the Fiber portfolio for Telco’s and investors alike. From providing client references for Submarine Cables to helping Private equity evaluate the asset quality - we provide solutions that can be better monetised.

Asset separation and monetisation

We help Telco’s and Private equity evaluate the quality of Digital Infrastructure - be in Towers, Fiber or Data Centers , to maximise the value locked in. Working closely on several deals we help telco’s to get the best possible sale and also ensure a transition which is with minimal challenges.

Network Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

With extensive expertise on Telco M&A - we provide services ranging from M&A Synergy maximisation, Due Diligence, to the actual merger design for the 2 networks.

Network efficiency improvement services

For operators looking at maximising their Capex and OpEX spend - we provide a very detailed cost analysis as well as help create template to manage the costs going forward. This helps operator improve EBITDA margins as well as keep Opx under control. For CapEx - we ensure that capital is deployed in areas which provide the fastest returns.

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